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The urgency to transition towards sustainable energy sources is increasing and the spotlight shines on renewable energy solutions. Enerpower powered by Greenvolt is a leading renewable energy company in Ireland that offers four renewable energy solutions. These solutions are solar, wind turbines, biomass boilers and heat pumps. 

Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has emerged as a driving force in combating climate change, offering a viable alternative to traditional fossil fuels. Enerpower stands at the front, leveraging innovations and expertise in cutting edge technology solutions across various sectors.

Solar Energy

Guerbet solar farm

One of Enerpower’s most popular solutions is solar energy. Enerpower designs and instals solar panel systems for commercial clients. Whether it’s ground mounted or rooftop, solar energy presents a sustainable way to generate electricity while reducing carbon emissions and energy costs. Enerpower has installed solar for many clients across Ireland and the UK, Tesco, Lidl, Guerbet, Eli Lilly being some of them.

Wind Power

Why Wind Turbines

Wind energy is a crucial component of Ireland’s renewable energy portfolio. Enerpower installs and maintains wind turbines, generating clean renewable electricity. Kepak, Tesco and Flavanghs are among some of Enerpower’s clients.


Why Biomass Boilers

Biomass boilers are another renewable energy solution offered by Enerpower. This utilises organic material such as wood pellets, agricultural and waste to produce heat and electricity. Biomass energy not only reduces reliance on fossil fuels but also supports local economies by utilising locally sourced biomass feedstock. Grantstown Nurseries is a client who has utilised biomass as a source of energy.

Heat Pump

As the demand for heating and cooling solutions grows, heat pumps as a viable alternative to traditional heating systems. Enerpower offers a range of heat pump solutions, including air source and ground source heat pumps, which extract heat from the air or ground and transfer it indoor for heating. Heat pumps offer significant energy savings. BD and Tricel are two of Enerpowers client’s that choose heat pumps as a renewable energy solution. 

Enerpower is committed to sustainability and help clients to find the right renewable energy solution that best fits their needs. Through its comprehensive portfolio of solar, wind, biomass and heat pump solutions, Enerpower is helping to drive the transition towards a greener future. If you are interested in renewable energy as a solution for your business. Contact Enerpower today.

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