Tesco in Galway saw an Installation of 500kW Wood Chip Biomass Boiler in 2023

Enerpower are delighted to have installed a 500kW Wood Chip Biomass Boiler for the Tesco facility in Galway in 2023. Tesco is a long-standing client of Enerpower. Enerpower is helping Tesco reach its sustainability goals and cut costs with renewable energy technologies. Therefore, Enerpower were thrilled when Tesco approached them again to help with their sustainability goals at their Galway facility.

Tesco Ireland

Tesco Ireland, a prominent retailer with a strong commitment to sustainability, sought to implement an eco-friendly heating solution to reduce its reliance on fossil fuel and lower its carbon emissions. Tesco identified its store in Galway as an opportunity to switch from conventional fossil fuel based heating to biomass energy.

Enerpower Installation of Biomass Boiler.

This project aimed to reduce Tesco’s carbon footprint and energy costs while promoting sustainable practices within the retail sector. Enerpower conducted a comprehensive assessment of Tesco’s energy requirements and identified the most suitable biomass boiler system for their needs.

A 500kW Wood Chip Biomass Boiler was installed at the Tesco Galway facility. The Hargassner MAGNO-UF 440 model ranks at a boiler class 5 with 93.6% efficiency. This boiler featured advanced technologies, efficient combustion and the capacity to meet Tesco’s heating demands.

Based on the site evaluation, Enerpower designed a customised system that integrated seamlessly into Tesco’s existing infrastructure. Enerpower’s experienced engineers conducted the installation, coordinating with Tesco’s staff to minimize distributions to daily operations. Following the installation, the biomass boiler underwent rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

In addition to the biomass boiler, a 36.0 Ton capacity wood pellet silo was installed. This is where the wood pellet fuel will be stored to feed into the boiler. Government Grants Available

Government Grants Available

There are different government grants available to help businesses make the transition to renewable energy sources. Enerpower have assisted many clients in explaining the options that are available to them from the government support scheme.

Enerpower have been very successful in securing grant funding for businesses and have experience in managing the funding process so that you and your business can enjoy the savings.

Enerpower’s installation of a biomass boiler system at Tesco Galway proved to be a successful endeavour, aligning with Tesco’s sustainability objectives, and significantly reducing the centre’s carbon footprint. This project shows how businesses can adopt renewable energy solutions to achieve environmental and economic benefits. Find more information on Biomass Boilers and If it is the renewable energy solution for your business.

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