Biomass Boiler

Enerpower powered by Greenvolt were delighted to help Grantstown Nurseries, a leading Irish tomato supplier, embrace renewable energy as a solution and to enhance its sustainability initiative. Enerpower powered by Greenvolt successfully designed and implemented a 550KW biomass boiler and 30KW solar panel system for Grantstown Nurseries.

Project Ojectives:

biomass boiler

Grantstown Nurseries were looking to achieve certain objectives from the adaptation of renewable energy. They aimed to significantly reduce its carbon emissions by transitioning to sustainable energy sources for heating and electricity. Grantstown sought to cut long term energy costs.

Enerpower powered by Greenvolt’s Solution:

After a thorough site assessment Enerpowers expert team meticulously devised a tailored renewable energy solution to address the unique needs of Grantstown. The amount of heat required by the facility and the degree that was required dictated the renewable energy technology that would be installed. The project was executed seamlessly, with minimal disruption to the daily running of the facility.

Biomass Boiler Installation:

Enerpower powered by Greenvolt installed an advanced 550kw biomass boiler at Grantstown Nurseries facility, providing the required heat for greenhouses, offices and other facilities. The biomass boiler operates on locally sourced, sustainable wood pellets. An advanced control system ensures optimal efficiency and minimal environmental impact.

Solar Panel Installation:

Enerpower powered by Greenvolt designed and developed a 30kw solar panel system across greenhouse structures to maximise sun exposure. These solar panels generate clean electricity, reducing Grantstown’s reliance on traditional grid power and lowering energy cost. Surplus electricity is supplied to the grid, generating additional revenue for Grantstown Nurseries.


Carbon Emissions reduced: Grantstown Nurseries has slashed its annual carbon emissions by approximately 1,200 metric tons.

Energy cost savings: Grantstown Nurseries has seen a noteworthy reduction in energy costs, with 40% decrease in heating expenses and 30% decrease in electricity bills.

Grantstown Nurseries now stand as a sustainable pioneer in the agriculture sector, inspiring other businesses to adopt clean energy

Enerpower powered by Greenvolt’s installation of a 550kw biomass boiler andbiomass boiler a 30kw solar panel system has been a resounding success. The project has not only reduced carbon emissions and energy cost but has positioned Grantstown Nurseries as a leader in sustainable agriculture. Grantstown Nurseries can now proudly demonstrate the benefits of renewable energy adaptation while enjoying the economic advantages of reduced energy cost.

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