eli lilly solar farm

Enerpower powered by Greenvolt, a leading renewable energy solutions provider, was contracted by pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly to develop and implement a solar farm at their facility in Dunderrow, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland. This ambitious endeavour aimed to bolster Eli Lilly’s sustainability initiatives while significantly reducing its carbon footprint. The project was executed in two phases, with the first phase encompassing a 5.6MW installation followed by a second phase of 3.9MW.

Client Background

Eli Lily, a global pharmaceutical company, has long been committed to environmental sustainability. With strong dedication to reducing its environmental impact, Eli Lilly sought to invest in renewable energy to power its operations.

Challenges Faced:

eli lilly solar farm

Scalability and Integration: Designing a solar farm that seamlessly integrates into Eli Lilly’s existing infrastructure while providing scalable energy solutions for current and future needs.

Regulatory Compliance: Navigating complex regulatory frameworks and ensuring adherence to local and federal regulations concerning solar farm installations.

Efficiency and Output: Maximising energy output while optimising the efficiency of the solar panels to meet Eli Lilly’s energy demand.

Solutions Offered:

Enerpower powered by Greenvolt meticulously planned and executed a comprehensive strategy to address Eli Lilly’s requirements for a state of ther art solar farm.

Phase One a 5.6MW: Enerpower conducted a site assessment to determine optimal placement and configuration of solar panels. Advanced solar panel technology was employed. It was made up of 12,672 solar panels and 22 inverters to efficiently channel solar energy into Eli Lilly’s power grid.

Phase Two a 3.9MW: Building upon the success of phase one, enerpower expanded the solar farm, integrating additional 8880 solar panels and 16 inverters to further boost energy output.

Monitoring and Maintenance: Enerpower implemented a robust monitoring system to track energy production, enabling proactive maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the solar farm.

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