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Enerpower Installs two separate solar panel systems for Tesco’s Liffey Valley and Naas Stores.

In a significant stride towards sustainability and renewable energy adoption, Enerpower have recently completed the installation of solar panel systems for Tesco stores in Liffey Valley and Naas. These projects mark a noteworthy achievement in reducing carbon emissions and promoting environmental responsibility within the retail sector.

Enerpower: Pioneers in Renewable Energy Solutions

Enerpower is renowned for its commitment to green energy and its expertise in designing and implementing solar panel systems. With a proven track record in delivering high quality renewable energy solutions, Enerpower was the natural choice for Tesco’s ambitious sustainability goals.

Tesco: A Commitment to Sustainability

Tesco, one of the world’s largest retail chains, has been actively striving to minimize its carbon footprint and promote sustainable business practices. The installation of a 500KW solar panel system at Liffey Valley and 500KW solar panel system at Naas aliens perfectly with Tesco’s overarching sustainability objectives. 

500KW Solar panel Installation at Tesco Liffey Valley

Enerpower conducted an initial site survey of the Liffey Valley facility. It was determined that a 500kw system consisting of 1088 solar panels and 4 Huawei inverters. In order to capture that sunlight most effectively the solar panels were placed at the 5° tilt angle. There will be 20% of the roof covered with a total capacity of 335 KW west facing and 165KW East facing. This allows for the most efficient solar energy production.

500KW Solar panel Installation at Tesco Naas

After determining the best solution for Tesco’s Naas store, a 500KW rooftop solar panel system was implemented. This solar system consisted of 1100 solar PV panels with 4 inverters. In order to generate the most efficient amount of energy these panels were placed at a 10° angle east/ west facing.

The collaboration between Enerpower and Tesco on the installation of 500KW solar panel systems at two of their stores, is a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainability within the retail industry. It is a tangible example of how larger corporations can take meaningful steps towards a greener and more sustainable future.

If you are considering renewable energy as a solution for your business, contact Enerpower today and join the Renewable Energy Revolution.

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