Guerbet solar farm

Energising the Future: Enerpower’s 2.4MW Solar Farm Installation for Guerbet.

Enerpower powered by Greenvolt, partnered with Guerbet to bring a 2.4MW solar farm to their API manufacturing site in Dublin. This is Guerbet’s first solar farm which marks a milestone on their journey to sustainability. This partnership not only underscores a commitment to environmental stewardship but also sets a precedent for sustainable business practices in the corporate landscape.

The 2.4MW solar farm is set to meet 18% of Guerbet’s total electricityGuerbet solar farm requirements.

Guerbet and Enerpower powered by Greenvolt began their journey in December 2022 when they entered into the contract for the construction of a 2.4MW solar farm.

The decision by Guerbet to embark on the construction of a solar farm reflects their vision to reduce carbon footprint and embrace clean energy solutions. The two companies entered into a Corporate Power Purchase Agreement where Guerbet was guaranteed to purchase the solar electrical power for a period of 20 years. The solar farm is constructed on Guerbet’s land and will generate 2 million kWh/a of electricity, enough electricity to power 500 households.

Guerbet, a global leader in medical imaging, has long been committed to corporate responsibility and sustainability. By partnering with Enerpower to transition towards solar energy, Guerbet reaffirms its dedication to reducing its environmental impact and simultaneously fostering innovation in the healthcare sector.

David Hale, CEO of Guerbet Group stated in ‘2023, we made a commitment to reduce our carbon emissions by 27.5% for scope 1+2 and 13.5% for scope 3 by 2023’. He talked about ‘our partnership with Enerpower powered by Greenvolt is a great example of a relationship that will help us achieve those objectives’.

John Carty, CCO of Enerpower powered by Greenvolt stated “We are delighted to partner with Guerbet on their first solar energy project. Similarly to Guerbet’s ethos we too endeavour to build lasting relationships with our customers and are delighted to add Guerbet to our list of clients using solar energy in Ireland.”

The 2.4MW installation marks a significant step towards a greener future. As solar energy continues to gain momentum, initiatives like these will undoubtedly pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

guerbet solar farm

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